Young and Passionate craftsmen

Hausherz Ofenbau is a young, four-person company. Every single one of us shares a deep enthusiasm for meticulous craftsmanship. We were quickly able to establish ourselves as stove fitters in the Rhine-Main area. The creativity and joy in our work becomes visible in all of our projects. We’re building fireplaces with passion!

The team

Sebastian Bohland | Hausherz Ofenbau

Sebastian Bohland
Managing Director

Sebastian is the managing director of Haus­herz Ofenbau. Since 2006, he has been working as a stove fitter in the Rhine-Main area. After gaining his master craftsman's certificate, he decided to found this company.

Bastian Herken | Hausherz Ofenbau

Bastian Herken

Bastian is an employee since day one. He began his vocational training in the city of Sömmerda right after the foundation of the company. Today, Bastian has long completed his training and serves as journeyman.

Fabian Leiter | Hausherz Ofenbau

Fabian Leiter

Fabian is a member of the Hausherz team since 2017. He has already been working with us during his vocational training, which he successfully completed in 2019. As a journeyman, he’s a competent worker on site!

Jonas Bohland | Hausherz Ofenbau

Jonas Bohland

Before working as a stove fitter at Hausherz, Jonas learned much about arts and aesthetics during a design study. His work benefits from this experience. Jonas is involved in planning and building stoves.

Building fireplaces
with passion

Fire has always been attractive to people. The dancing flames, their pleasant warmth and, last but not least, the calm crackling create an atmosphere, that has no equal. For that reason, we symbolically consider the fireplace to be the heart of a building. It fits seamlessly into its architecture and breathes life into every room.

The countless design possibilities as well as the fact that heating with wood is a highly eco-friendly procedure make this craftsmanship highly compelling. For us as passionate stove fitters in the Rhine-Main area creative work means self-realisation. And every Hausherz Stove reflects this attitude.


Other topics

Sebastian Bohland | Hausherz Ofenbau

Fireplace construction is a traditional craftsmanship that in spite of alternative heating methods hasn’t lost its charm.


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