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Fireplace construction is a traditional craftsmanship that in spite of alternative heating methods hasn’t lost its charm. Modern technologies enable efficient performance and a wide range of building materials allow limitless design freedom. Hausherz Ofenbau is your partner for individual fireplace construction in the Rhine-Main area.

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We’re planning appealing fireplaces according to your wishes. By taking your heating habits and the spacial conditions into account, we ensure an efficient use of the energy produced.

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As an accredited handicraft business building fireplaces in the Rhine-Main area, we also take on all related works, like chimney construction. Our young and friendly team does an accurate job.

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A Hausherz Fireplace is a worthwhile investment in the future. To make sure that the performance is consistent, we will also do the cleaning, maintenance and repair works for you.


Heating stove

Heating stove

Masonry heater

Masonry heater

Tiled stove

Tiled stove

Gas stove

Gas stove


Types of fireplaces

Do you wish to use your stove as a heater support or do you just want to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a fireplace? Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the following four types:

Heating stove

The classic heating stove is perfect for contemplative moments by the fireside. Thermal energy will be emitted by the fireplace pane (radiant heat) and the air (convection ), heating up the room quickly. Choose between an open fireplace and a stove.

Masonry heaters

The masonry heater is known for its high efficiency. The thermal energy is stored within a connected mass, from where it is emitted consistently as pleasant radiant heat. Masonry heaters are made of fire bricks and can be used as central heating devices.

Tiled stove

Tiled stoves are a combination of heating stoves and masonry heaters. Hot air warms up the room instantly, while a part of the energy is stored and emitted steadily. Tiled stoves these days are not necessarily cladded with tiles – numerous variations are possible.

Gas stove

Gas stoves offer an authentic fireplace experience without wood. Heat is being emitted by the fireplace pane (radiant heat) and the air (convection ). A carefully designed combustion chamber creates the credible illusion of wood, ashes and embers.

Extension modules

Your stove can do much more than just heating. By integrating modular extensions, the produced heat can be used in many ways. We offer individual fireplace construction in the Rhine-Main area and design our products according to your wishes. Why don’t you try something special?

Masonry heater with heated seats


Heated seats and beds

Masonry heaters with oven


Hotplates, ovens, warming compartments

Brunner heating plant


Heat exchanger for water and air

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The creativity and joy in our work becomes visible in all of our projects. We’re building fireplaces with passion!


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